Student Feedback

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As per your level of satisfaction, You are requested to (Select) appropriate option describes for the following points:-

1. Rate the courses in terms of learning interest

2. How do you rate the chronology and relevance of the units in the courses ?

3. How do you rate the syllabus of the courses that you have studied in relation to the competencies expected out of the course ?

4. How do you rate the chronology of the courses inducted in the program ?

5. How do you rate the offering of the electives in terms of their relevance to the specialization streams ?

6. How do you rate the electives offered in relation to the technological advancements?

7. How do you rate the relevance of the reference text books mentioned by the university in understanding the courses ?

8. Rate the contents and structure of the syllabus in terms of the load on the student

9. How do you rate the allocation of the credits to the courses ?

10. Adequate number of courses are having theory and laboratory sessions

11. How do you rate the applicability of laboratory experimentations in relation to understanding the theoretical concepts.

12. Is the syllabus restructured periodically to match the pace of technological advancements.